Our Products

Secured by Design: All of the products have been manufactured to meet or exceed the standards as set by the association of police officers.

Summit Roofguard use only the best materials as you would expect. Over the years we have entered into strategic business partnerships with our suppliers and offer the best quality available in the world. Fascia, Soffit and Cladding systems are manufactured for us by the world market leaders in the field, Deceuninck.

Deceuninck have a major presence throughout the world operating in 61 countries with a turnover of £250m. A company of this strength have made their name by producing only premium products all of which far exceed British Standards.The Deceuninck business strategy is identical to our own and can be summed up in just three words Quality, Quality, Quality.

In association with Deceuninck all our fitting teams are trained to fit Deceuninck products specifically in a training accreditation programme - Purveyors of Excellence in Roofline and Cladding - PERC for short. This ensures that all our installation teams, no matter what their experience, are vetted, both by Deceuninck and Summit Roofguard, prior to fitting a single job.

Double Glazing Windows

THE STATUS GLASS DIFFERENCE. A unique system that gives you - Slim Frames, Full Reforcing and Total Security. All this combined with an A PLUS THERMAL RATING

The familiar energy efficiency rating system now applies to double glazing, and as with electrical appliances an a rating is the best. We looked at the design of our products and thought "can we do better" the answer, a resounding YES WE CAN!!!

The Status Glass A PLUS rated window has a score af PLUS 2 meaning it actually conserves energy salving your money and helping to save the planet.

Probably the best window in the world

THE STATUS GLASS ADVANTAGES ARE CLEAR. All Status Glass products are manufactured to the stringent requirements of BS7412 which covers security wind resistance and weather tightness. In addition, enhanced security features exceed the requirements of BS7950 which is the highest security standard there is. In fact we believe it's PROBABLY THE BEST WINDOW IN THE WORLD

USP' s

A+ Rated Window System

Deceuninck Bright white 01 profile, the whitest window on the market with a lifetime guarantee on colour fastness with a double decorative finish. All windows are fully re-inforced with Deceuninck 1.5mm box section galvanised steel.

Top of the range Stainless Steel hinges tested to 5,000 openings, the equivalent to opening and closing the window sash one a day for the next 13 years.

All hardware is tested with 480 hours of high pressure salt spray to ensure there is no corrosion of the system. 28mm Energy Max Sealed Units 30% more heat efficient than k glass.

External pane of glass is Diamant which is a highly transparent extra clear low iron glass and has very little residual colour. It has a unique appearance and very specific optical qualities with low iron oxide qualities to give optimum clarity and is perfect for applications where UV transmission is required to aid with solar gain.

Inner pane is Planatherm Total and has microscopic metallic particles in the glass which reflect heat back into the house and stop heat escaping. This is a soft coat glass (low metallic content) and is very visually clear unlike Pilkington K which is a hard coat glass and gives a slight greyish discolouration to the glass.

Swiss Spacer B warm edge spacer bar made of a hollow Pvc compound which will not conduct heat and is filled with desiccant crystals to with draw any moisture when the sealed unit is manufactured.
100% Argon gas filled sealed unit, manufactured in a sealed chamber for greater efficiency. On traditional sealed units the argon gas would be injected through a small opening in the corner of the sealed unit once it has been assembled, then when the needle is withdrawn and a rubber seal is inserted about 10% of the gas escapes so the unit is not as efficient.

Fairtrades member. One of the UK’s largest multi trade associations. Homeowners benefit from finding a top quality trade professional who upholds the values of the homeowners charter.

Unique Service Inclusion which entitles our customers to four service/inspection visits during the 10 year warranty period.

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